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Natural detergent - 1 liter bottle

Natural detergent - 1 liter bottle

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Recyclable Glass Bottle - Natural Laundry Detergent with Marseille Soap

Discover Our Elegant and Eco-Friendly Glass Bottle for an Exceptional Natural Laundry Detergent

A Bottle That Makes the Difference:

The Eco-Friendly Choice: Our glass bottle is designed to reduce plastic waste and encourage a more sustainable approach. Opt for an elegant solution that fits perfectly into your washing routine.

A Timeless Design: The glass bottle evokes purity and quality. Its clean aesthetic matches any environment, adding a touch of sophistication to your laundry room.

Features That Make The Difference:

Savon de Marseille: At the heart of our natural detergent is Savon de Marseille . Renowned for its exceptional cleaning power, it gently removes stains while keeping your clothes soft.

Sodium Bicarbonate: This versatile ingredient boosts the effectiveness of our laundry detergent. It acts as a deodorizing, softening and degreasing agent, leaving your textiles fresh and clean.

Soda Crystals: Soda Crystals bring an extra touch of power to the wash. Their deep cleaning action eliminates stubborn residues while respecting the delicacy of your clothes.

A Detergent That Takes Care:

Suitable for All Textiles: Our detergent is designed to be suitable for a variety of textiles, even the most fragile. It cleans in depth while preserving the colors and the softness of your clothes.

The Ecological Commitment: By choosing our Recyclable Glass Bottle, you are making a concrete gesture for the environment. Reduce plastic waste and adopt a respectful approach.

Made in France: Each bottle is handmade in our workshop in France. Careful craftsmanship to guarantee the quality and authenticity of each piece.

Give your laundry the container it deserves. Opt for our Recyclable Glass Bottle and immerse yourself in a natural, efficient and respectful washing experience.

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Christine S.

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emma b.

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Ayant une peau très réactive, je pense avoir trouvé la lessive idéale pour laver les serviettes et le linge de lit en contact avec mon visage.
Le linge ressort propre et avec une odeur douce et naturelle. Je suis également séduite par le packaging, car une bouteille de lessive n est jamais très esthétique dans une salle de bain habituellement. Je suis très satisfaite de ma commande et je recommanderai sans hésiter les młmes articles.


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L'utilisateur a choisi de laisser une note seulement