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Coco Dishwashing Brush

Coco Dishwashing Brush

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Looking for a sustainable and responsible alternative for cleaning your kitchen utensils? Our Coconut Fiber Scraper is the ideal solution to replace disposable sponges and iron wool. Made with natural and resistant materials, this scraper offers effective cleaning while preserving your utensils.

Special Features:

  • Strong Coconut Fibers: Our scraper is made from flexible and strong coconut fibers that are ideal for cleaning pots, pans, barbecue grills and more. These fibers allow effective cleaning without scratching the surfaces.
  • Zinc Ring Frame: Featuring a zinc ring frame (non-corrosive), our scraper provides a comfortable grip and makes cleaning easy. Its design eliminates stubborn residues while avoiding damage to your utensils.
  • Ecological and Socially Responsible: Manufactured in Sri Lanka in an SA8000 certified company, this scraper is both ecological and socially responsible. Its production respects environmental and social standards, while using biodegradable plant materials.
  • Sustainable Alternative: Opting for our coir scraper means saying goodbye to disposable plastic sponges and environmentally harmful iron wool. Make the responsible choice by adopting this durable and planet-friendly cleaning accessory.

The Coconut Fiber Scraper is your ally for ecological and responsible cleaning of your kitchen utensils. Order now and take a step towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Choose the La Droguerie Écologique brand for sustainable and quality solutions.

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martine thirion

L'utilisateur a choisi de laisser une note seulement


L'utilisateur a choisi de laisser une note seulement


Très jolie et efficace !


Brosse esthétique et de très belle qualité à tout petit prix

anouk Ferrand

Premier essaie et pour l'instant c'est top!