Fall for our Beautiful & Robust washable sponges!

" A synthetic sponge is ugly, it's dirty and it's a real breeding ground for bacteria!"




Each sponge is created with authentic craftsmanship in our workshop.

Dimensions: About 10x13 cm

Choose from three technical fabrics to meet your specific needs:

Honeycomb Sponge: Exceptional performance in wet environments.

Lined Jute Sponge: Ideal for washing up and collecting crumbs.

Terry cloth sponge: Soft and absorbent touch, suitable for various uses, even body.

Rot-proof filling: Made from materials from recycled sources and fully recyclable.

Easy care: Wash at 40°C and air dry. Avoid sharp objects to preserve quality.

Each sponge is designed with care and uniqueness in our workshop.

Opt for quality and durability: Make the responsible choice that combines elegance and efficiency.