Ready to adopt eco-responsible solutions, for a maintenance of your home that is as natural as it is effective?


As the giants of industry continue to seduce us with their so-called miracle solutions supposed to simplify our daily lives, an undeniable reality emerges: many of their industrial products are proving to be scourges for our planet and our well-being. Tired of suffering the harmful effects of chemical compounds , petroleum derivatives and synthetic fragrances ? Do you aspire to forever banish questionable labor practices and despicable exploitation of animals for profit?

Welcome to Simple Things, where we take the opposite view of this frenzy of mass consumption and relentless industrialization . Here, it's a quiet revolution against the ordinary, an act of resistance against the conventional. We offer you a radical alternative , an oasis where sustainability reigns supreme and integrity is our compass. Join us to rewrite the history of consumption together , guided by concern for our planet and unwavering respect for every living being.

Why choose our products?

not tested on animals

We ensure that no animals were used in the creation and testing of our product line.

100% Natural

We carefully choose natural ingredients to develop safe and environmentally friendly formulas.


Our products are delivered to you in sustainable and recyclable packaging to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our challenge to all: protect the environment

In addition to generating cancers and allergies of all kinds, toxic industrial products contribute to the pollution of the air, groundwater and oceans, and threaten ecosystems and biodiversity. But we need nature for our vital needs... Consuming more responsibly means reducing pollution, protecting biodiversity and food resources, fighting against global warming... and thus preserving our health, and therefore the survival of the environment. humanity. An entire program !

Our goal: to facilitate the ecological transition, and make it accessible to all!

We have considered solutions to remedy these phenomena, and to encourage the greatest number of people to adopt more responsible consumption… in a way that is as simple as it is pleasant! This is how Simple Things was born. The challenge of our family business : to contribute to the ecological transition , to bequeath a healthy and fair world to future generations. A world where butterflies continue to forage, cows to run in the meadows and bees to make honey...

This is how we embarked on the design of natural and zero waste household products, just as effective, and as good for the home as for our health and the planet! Of course, we make it a point of honor to reduce our waste as much as possible , and only work with companies that respect the same values.

Don't wait any longer, do like us! Say goodbye to polluting cleaning products, and make way for eco-responsible super allies. Handmade in our workshop , from natural raw materials and without superfluous packaging, our household products are there to help you on a daily basis in your eco-friendly approach.

Our best allies:
Natural and environmentally friendly raw materials

Memories, memories… Our grandmothers always had impeccable linens , shiny dishes and sparkling faucets , didn't they? And yet, they did not have all the chemicals of today! We have therefore immersed ourselves in their recipes, in order to concoct sustainable products for you for a natural and effective household ... And which, icing on the cake, offer a nice touch of softness and authenticity to your decoration!

It must be said that Mother Nature provides us with all the ingredients needed to make household products. For example, our natural detergent recipe consists of only three ingredients: Marseille soap, baking soda and soda crystals. We have also created natural dishwasher tablets and a dishwashing cake that can clean all surfaces, and effectively fight against limescale…

On the program, an anthology of natural household products made by us with passion; real ecological nuggets, without danger for our health or for that of our planet, respectful of the environment and not tested on animals.

Sustainable accessories, new everyday must-haves!

To go further and complete our range of natural household products, we offer a range of sustainable, compostable and zero waste accessories : essentials for a clean and healthy home, which breathes nature... to slip into your drawers urgently and cupboards! To do this, we have taken the time to seek out the cream of small family businesses , on a human scale, who share our ecological values .

On display: eco-sprays in amber glass and bio-plastic in which to make your natural recipes (for example based on white vinegar and citrus peel such as lemons or oranges, or any other liquid preparations to prepare directly in the bottle!), or even bags for your bulk shopping in drugstores or zero waste groceries…

And what pride to have found you drying balls from ethical farms that do not practice mulesing! In addition to being reusable dozens of times and then compostable, these eco-friendly nuggets reduce the cycle time of the dryer and thus limit electricity consumption. Our little tip: add a few drops of organic essential oils, and your laundry will be naturally scented… Impossible to resist!

Because every little eco-responsible gesture is important, you can count on us to help you achieve them.

Washable & Reusable Sponge

Swedish tea towel

Psst...Fancy a good mojito?

"Simple Things" natural and handmade home care products that respect the environment.


"Simple Things, a name that drives change! Natural household products to help with the transition"


"I had the pleasure of testing the Simple Things products, which are as beautiful as they are effective! Ease of use, really great products, I recommend!"

Bénédicte MORET @famillezerodechet

I discovered the Simple things brand and I absolutely love their packaging, which totally matches the spirit of the house but also my convictions.
The products are natural and not aggressive….good for us and for the planet too so I validate at 💯. the smells are really perfect thanks again Simple Things


Simple thing what a great discovery! Good for the planet and at the same time beautiful for the eyes! I recommend a 💯. A super couple who create marvels and detergent based on Marseille soap. 💯 natural!


I had the pleasure of discovering simple things products and I am very satisfied. Special mention for the detergent which is very erased. The laundry is clean and smells good. I really appreciate the Swedish tea towels which are very absorbent and which clean without leaving traces. And the little extras, the products are really very pretty. I am glad


Thanks to @simplethings who entrusted me with the creation of its visuals, I discovered their products and I'm won over! Until now, I had not been convinced by the homemade recipes. It's done while saving time, plus it's local, made in Occitanie!


I, who have detergent allergies, my doctor advised me to use Marseille soap. I don't necessarily have the patience to do everything myself so with this product I just have to add water, it's quick, practical and healthy.


I was seduced by the company, family and French, that is Simple Things then by their ethical products, respectful of the environment and very beautiful! The quality is there as well as the efficiency so I can only recommend!