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Scraping Dishwashing Sponge Fruit Shell

Scraping Dishwashing Sponge Fruit Shell

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Say goodbye to disposable plastic sponges and opt for our ecological and effective solution: the Fruit Shell Cleaning Sponge. Made in France with care, this environmentally friendly sponge is designed to offer you long-lasting and efficient cleaning, while reducing your impact on the planet.

Special Features:

  • Natural and Renewable Materials: Our sponge is made from finely ground fruit shells from food production. The cellulose, obtained from wood pulp and regenerated cellulose, combined with an abrasive made from fruit shells (walnuts, almonds, pine nuts), makes it an entirely natural and renewable solution.
  • Effectiveness Without Scratches: This sponge combines resistance and flexibility for effective cleaning of all surfaces, without the risk of scratching them. Its scraping side is designed to last, thus ensuring prolonged use.
  • Zero Waste objective: By choosing our fruit shell sponge, you are taking a step towards a zero waste lifestyle. It is vegan, ecological and cruelty-free, generating no plastic residue harmful to the environment.
  • French Quality Manufacturing: Made in France with attention to detail, our sponge is an example of quality and know-how. Its compact dimensions (11.2 cm x 6.5 cm x 1.6 cm) make it a practical accessory for all your cleaning tasks.

Make the responsible choice by adopting our Fruit Shell Cleaning Sponge. Not only do you get a powerful cleaning solution, but you also help save the planet by avoiding disposable plastic sponges.

Order now for green, efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning. Opt for the sustainable alternative offered by the La Droguerie Écologique brand.

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