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wooden clothes pegs

wooden clothes pegs

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Dry Your Laundry with Elegance and Respect for the Environment

Opt for our Beech Wood Clothespins for an Ecological and Mark-free Drying

Dry Linen, Style Assured:

Hang Your Laundry in Style: Our beech wood clothes pegs add a touch of retro charm to your laundry drying routine. Combine efficiency with elegance!

Ecological Beech Wood: Made from beech wood from ecologically managed forests, our clothespins do not contain any steel elements. Opt for durable solutions, while maintaining style.

Efficiency, Even in High Winds:

No Rust, No Marks: Our wooden clothes pegs are designed to dry your laundry efficiently, even in windy weather. They do not rust or leave marks on your clothes.

Everyday Versatility:

From Laundry to Crafts: These wooden clothes pegs are not only useful for drying laundry, they can also be used to close open bags and for your craft projects.

Ideal Dimensions:

11cm in Length: Each clothes peg measures 11cm in length, providing a firm and reliable grip on your extended laundry.

A Plus for the Environment and Practicality:

Comes in an Organic Cotton Pouch: Our set of 15 wooden clothespins comes in a reusable organic cotton pouch, for convenient and eco-friendly storage.

Make hanging an ecological and aesthetic act. Adopt our Beech Wood Clothespins for elegant and environmentally friendly drying.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Estelle L.

Facile et pratique.. plus de pincettes qui se cassent et si jolies en bois..
en noire je craquerais aussi !


Très très pratiques, j'adore


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L'utilisateur a choisi de laisser une note seulement


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