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Chamarrel® Solid Care Carrier

Chamarrel® Solid Care Carrier

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Discover our Chamarrel® solid care carrier, a French accessory designed to offer hygienic, aesthetic and durable solutions to your solid care products. Equipped with unique features, it brings a touch of practicality and support to local craftsmanship.

The advantages of the Chamarrel® Solid Care Carrier:

French origin: The suction cup and the capsule are made in France, which not only supports local craftsmanship, but also strengthens the economic fabric of the country.

Powerful and Practical: Despite its compact size, our solid care carrier is able to support up to 200 g vertically thanks to its powerful suction cup. It can be fixed without drilling or gluing, offering a practical and mobile solution.

Solidarity: By choosing our solid care carrier, you contribute to the integration through work of people with disabilities, because it is manufactured with a strong social commitment.

Economical and Ecological: Thanks to its design, this solid care holder allows a quick and complete drying of your solid products, thus extending their lifespan. You'll save money in the long run while reducing waste.

Characteristics and Use:

The capsule, marked "CHAMARREL FRANCE", is compatible with a variety of solid care products such as soaps, shampoos, and more, with the exception of friable products. Simply attach the care holder to a clean, smooth surface using the suction cup. The near-invisibility of the accessory will add a discreet touch to your bathroom space.

In summary, our Chamarrel® solid care carrier is a versatile and practical French accessory that combines quality, durability and support for local craftsmanship. Order today to enjoy a hygienic and stylish solution for your solid care products.

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