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Self-drying soap dish

Self-drying soap dish

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Self-Drying Diatomaceous Mud Soap Dish: The Elegance of Ecology

An Ingenious Solution for an Always Dry Soap

Goodbye to Sticky Soaps:

Finally say goodbye to sticky soaps with our Natural Diatomaceous Mud Self-Drying Soap Dish . If you use solid soaps but struggle to dry them properly, our eco-friendly soap dish is the perfect solution.

The Magic of Diatom Mud:

Made from natural diatom mud, this soap dish has exceptional absorbency. It allows your soap to dry quickly after each use, avoiding the inconvenience of sticky soaps.

Ecological and Sustainable:

As well as being incredibly practical, this soap dish is also an eco-friendly and sustainable option. Diatomaceous earth products are renowned for their exceptional durability, providing a solution that lasts a lifetime.

Maintenance tips :

If you notice a decrease in the effectiveness of your soap dish, a simple rinse in hot water followed by drying in the sun will be enough to restore its natural properties and optimal effectiveness.

Practical Dimensions:

With dimensions of 8x8 cm, our self-drying soap dish easily finds its place in your bathroom while adding a touch of natural elegance.

Opt for Ecological Elegance:

Adopt now a soap dish that combines drying efficiency with a planet-friendly approach. Opt for our Self-Drying Soap Dish in Natural Diatomaceous Mud and enjoy the experience of a soap that is always dry and pleasant to use.

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Karine Bauer

Je n est pas encore utilisé ce produit

Valérie Bailly

Garde bien le savon mais le savon adhère tellement que je n'arrive plus à le décoller ??

Linda mazzalovo

Il est superbe et très pratique


Absorbe bien mais à voir sur la durée si il permet d'économiser le savon

Sophie valla

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