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Spray bottle

Spray bottle

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Ecological Spray Bottle: Practical, Ecological and Aesthetic

Say goodbye to traditional household products and adopt our Ecological Spray Bottle , a practical and environmentally friendly solution for your household chores.

Small spray bottles, often nicknamed "pshit pshit", are extremely handy for dispensing the perfect amount of cleaning product onto surfaces. But we have the perfect solution to make them eco-friendly! Discover our glass spray bottle, available in amber or white glass, and in convenient 500ml and 1 liter sizes. Each bottle is equipped with a high quality leak-proof sprayer.

Features :

  • 100% eco-responsible
  • Made with amber or white glass
  • Available in 500ml and 1 liter versions
  • Leak-proof sprayer
  • Made in the Netherlands

Opt for a durable and elegant solution, which eliminates unnecessary plastics from your cleaning routine. Fill these spray bottles with your natural household products, homemade body mists and more. Make a choice that supports the planet while simplifying your daily tasks.

These amber or white glass sprayers offer refined aesthetics and optimal functionality. Carefully designed in the Netherlands, they are ready to accompany you in your ecological approach.

Say goodbye to plastics and opt for our Eco-Friendly Spray Bottle , available now. Simplify your cleaning while contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

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Customer Reviews

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Parfait ! Je m'en sers avec du vinaigre blanc dedans pour nettoyer toutes les surfaces de ma cuisine.


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Claire Bernard

Je me suis lancée dans les produits ménagers naturels, et c'était une évidence de prendre un flacon en verre et ambré.
Simple things est le seul site où j'ai pu trouvé l'ensemble du matériel dont ce flacon.
Il n'est pas trop lourd, il contient assez pour faire plusieurs passages, écolo, et ambré qui préserve les produits.

Manuel B.

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Stéphanie Costes

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