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Stain Remover Stick

Stain Remover Stick

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The Natural Solution to Eliminate Stains Effortlessly

The Power of Nature for Impeccable Cleaning:

The Perfect Fusion of Two Ingredients: Our Stain Remover Stick is the result of a simple but powerful recipe. By combining Terre de Sommières with our Marseille soap without palm oil , we have created a natural ally to eliminate even the most stubborn stains.

The Absorbing Action of Terre de Sommières: Since the 19th century, Terre de Sommières, a natural clay powder, has been used to loosen a multitude of dry materials. Its absorbent properties act like a stain magnet.

The Degreasing Power of Savon de Marseille: Our Marseille soap, pure and hypoallergenic, offers deep cleaning without compromising the environment. Its biodegradability and degreasing power make it essential for removing stains.

Fight Against All Tasks:

Grease, Paint and More Stains: No stain can resist the combination of Terre de Sommières and Savon de Marseille. From make-up to oil, through blood or grease stains, our stain remover stick works successfully.

Compatible with All Fabrics: Never worry about stains on your precious fabrics. Use our stick on fabrics, armchairs, sofas, leather, suede, rugs and carpets.

Vegan Magic at the Heart of the Action:

Respect for Nature and Animals: At Simple Things, we pride ourselves on our commitment to nature and animals. Our stain remover stick is not only powerful, but also Vegan, for a gentle cleaning.

Confront stubborn stains with a natural and vegan solution. Opt for our Stain Remover Stick and give your textiles a new bright and clean life.

In its organic cotton pouch or kraft bag
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Trés bon produit ! enlever les taches difficiles sur mes torchons blancs en lin et en coton. contente du résultat !


Testé sur une tâche de vin rouge, impeccable


Parfait , les tâches de café sur ma nappe blanche ont disparu


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