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Natural Dishwasher Tablets

Natural Dishwasher Tablets

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Sparkling, Planet-Friendly Tableware

Discover our Natural Dishwasher Pods , a family and natural solution that combines efficiency and respect for the environment. Carefully composed of coarse salt, citric acid, soda ash and baking soda, our tablets offer a simple yet powerful formula without compromising your dishes or the planet.

The Benefits of Each Ingredient

  • Coarse Salt : Acting as a mild abrasive, coarse salt removes stubborn food residues while preserving your dishes and glasses.
  • Citric Acid : This natural acid effectively dissolves limescale deposits, leaving your dishes impeccably shiny.
  • Soda crystals : Powerful cleaning agent, soda crystals deeply degrease and eliminate encrusted grease and dirt.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate : Known for its deodorant action, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes odors while providing gentle cleansing.

Preserving the Environment on a Daily basis

By choosing our natural dishwasher pods , you are taking a step towards a more planet-friendly lifestyle. Eliminate harsh chemicals and opt for a biodegradable solution that takes care of your dishes and the Earth.

Impeccable results, a clear conscience

Each batch includes 14 pods , presented in an organic cotton pouch or a kraft bag. Handcrafted in France, our pods combine efficiency and environmental responsibility for sparkling dishes without compromise.

Don't wait any longer to take care of your dishes and the environment with our Natural Dishwasher Pods . Order now and enjoy sparkling dishes, while doing a positive gesture for nature.

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Customer Reviews

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Valérie Bailly

Parfaite. La vaisselle est nickel.

Christine S.

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Tablette éco responsable, ne laisse pas de résidu et la vaisselle est propre même avec un cycle court

Dominique F.

L'utilisateur a choisi de laisser une note seulement

Alexandra GUZMAN

Chez moi ce n"est pas toujours un nettoyage parfait mais je réitère l'expérience avant de tester autre chose.